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What is warehousing?

Warehousing is the process of storing goods on a large scale. A warehouse is actually a building which acts as physical inventory. There are many E-Commerce businesses which are getting tons of orders everyday but do not have sufficient space to keep their items in stock. Getting the product from the manufacturer and then sending it to the customer is a time consuming and complicated process so every business wants to keep sufficient stock of goods to meet the demands. This is where a warehouse company comes into rescue!

If you ever heard of the supply chain system then think of it as an umbrella while the warehouse is an important element under the umbrella. 

The main customers of a warehousing company are manufacturers, business owners, importers and exporters, wholesalers etc.

Benefits of a warehousing company

For a second, a question may pop up in your head: why should you move your goods to a warehouse? That’s why we explain the importance of warehousing in detail below.


If you keep your goods at your place, you will have to check them constantly to avoid damage loss and theft cases. It will demand you to employ an extra work force in it and still there will be no guarantee. On the other hand, a warehousing company takes full responsibility for your goods. 

Fast shipping

Few late deliveries and your business is ready to go upside down! To make your customers happy, you need to ship and deliver the products within the given time frame and a warehousing company lets you do this easily. It eliminates the packaging and shipping time to a great extent.

Extended life

Many items like cosmetic and medical products are required to be kept under low temperatures to extend their shelf life. If the temperature is not kept at the required level, products get damaged soon which leads to a major loss. Fortunately, warehousing services in Bangalore take care of this.

Proper management

A warehousing company not only gives space to keep your goods but also maintains the inventory. They have a proper track of everything like orders, expired products, out-of-stock items, etc. 

How does it work?

All warehouse companies perform almost similar functions but there are some processes that make them stand out from the others. You need to figure out yourself whether the one you are going to invest in is meeting your needs or not.

  • At first, the inventory receives your products which can be in the form of packets, kilograms, crates, cartoons, etc. The bar codes of the product are first scanned to know the advanced shipping notice or ASN. 
  • If there is no barcode then the staffs go for manual entry. Now, they will take the goods to the decided storage location where another operator will again scan the barcode or confirm the manual entry.
  • Then the inventory uses tracking software including WMS or CRM. 
  • Then comes picking and packing. 

Finally, the product is dispatched but not all inventory does this.
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