Colorful Butterfly

How to draw a colorful butterfly

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When it arrives to insects, it’s tough to discover as these beautiful beasts are brand not only with the complicated designs on their branches but also with their unique shades. For this basis, they are a favored issue for artists to show. This can be especially demanding to learn; however, remembering to withdraw a colorful butterfly can be problematic! We hope this step-by-step handbook on seducing a colorful butterfly will be a pleasure and good background for you! Luckily, it’s a challenge that we’re here to help make easier, so you’ll want to see this guide through to the end! We hope this step-by-step guide on drawing a colorful butterfly will be a fun and useful experience for you! pencil drawing ideas

Step 1:

For this first step of our guide on how to draw a colorful butterfly, we’ll start with the main attraction: the butterfly’s wings. Specifically, we’ll start with the outlines of the fenders so you can add more detail to them later in the guide. The fenders are separated into four sections, with the top two being much larger than the rear. They all connect to the throttle body, which will be added later. Do your best to draw the shapes and positions of the wings as close to our reference image as possible, and then we can move on to step 2!

Step 2: Now, draw some design details for the first amount of the extension.

With the wing designs of this multicolored butterfly configuration finished, we can now begin counting pattern components to the wing sections. For now, we’ll focus on the upper left wing section. We will use curved lines starting from the inside edge of the wing to start this pattern, and then these will expand into rounded square shapes. Square shapes vary in size, so you can use the reference image to guide you when designing these shapes. Once you’re happy with how this model looks, we can move on to step 3!

Step 3: Draw some custom pieces for the subsequent province of the branches.

In this third step of a colorful butterfly, we will add the pattern details to the front right part of the wings. When drawing this next section of the pattern, please do your best to make it as close to a mirror image of the other side of the butterfly’s wing as you hover over as long as you reproduce the pattern exactly as it is. As appears in our example, you should have no problem getting it to look like the pattern on the other side! We can add more in step four when you’ve drawn this next wing section.

Step 4 – Next, remove the design for the rear part of the left-wing

We will now move on to the next section of the wing as we begin this fourth step of your colored butterfly drawing. The pattern will be quite similar in structure to the appearance of the pattern on the other wings, but due to the radically different shape of the wing section, the pattern will be spaced differently. Some curved lines will extend from the part of the wing attached to the body of the colored butterfly, turning into some small rounded square and round shapes. There will only be a few final details and elements to add before this image is the final step in your colorful butterfly drawing, and you can let your creativity run wild here by adding some lovely colors! We showed you some colors you could use to finish this image in our reference image.

Step 5 – Count Last Points to Your Colored Butterfly Graphic

Before adding beautiful colors to your creation in the final stage of a colorful butterfly, we will first complete the final touches. First, we’ll add the pattern details to the last section of the wings. To do this, you must again do your best to mirror the pattern as it appears on the section at the opposite end of the butterfly. Then, to finish, we will add the body of the butterfly. There will be a solid, thin black shape between the wing sections, and there will be a small black circle on the left side. This head will also have curved antennae sticking out of it, and then it’s time for some coloring fun!

Step 6: Finish your colored butterfly drawing with color.

This is the last step of your colorful butterfly drawing, and you can let your creativity run wild here by adding beautiful colors! In our reference image, we show you.